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          Welcome to JIAOZUO TIANYI TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD Website!

          Gong Weihong, director of Jiaozuo Demonstration Zone Management Committee, visited Tianyi Science and technology

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            On November 10, 2021, Gong Weihong, director of the Management Committee of Jiaozuo demonstration zone, led the heads of multiple departments to visit Tianyi technology, and successively visited the product exhibition hall, technical engineering R & D center and production workshop. Feng Xingqi, chairman of the board, and Wu Yufen, general manager, accompanied the visitors and reported on the company's development history, current needs and future development plans.

            Director Gong fully affirmed and encouraged Tianyi technology based on its specialized and new development concept, silent craftsman spirit, continuous innovation of advanced materials and active competition for foreign products, and said that he would give great support in policy support, new site relocation, government promotion and so on.